Monday, April 9, 2012

Sock Bunny

My newest obsession is with making stuffed toys, especially making them out of old socks that we don't need, or are mismatched. I really like that you cannot go wrong with these, becuse even if they don't come out just like you planned they still look good, and kids love them anyway. I started with sock monkeys (of course) then in the spirit of easter I wanted to make a bunny for my baby girls basket. I meant to have this posted before easter just in case anybody else wanted to make them as gifts. These make awesome gifts, you can make them out of stuff you already have around the hous, mostly by eleminating those pesky lone socks that never find their mate, or you can go pick up some cheap socks. I have experemented with serval different ways of making these and finally found one that I really love, even though i did like the other ones too. Let's face it i'm obsessed with stuffed animals so these are perfect for me, and each one comes out unique so their are no too exactly alike.

Okay so getting on with this. I started by turning one of my socks inside out and cutting up the center from the opening to right before you get to the heel

Then I stiched up the legs leaving an opening right atthe crotch to stuff it. Then I turned the sock back the right way, stuffed it and sewed up the remainder of the opening.

THen with that part done I cut my other sock from above the heel the cut that in half as shown below. After that turn these pieces inside out stich them closed turn back the right way and then sew them to the top of the already stuffed sock.

Like so...

Ok so I apolige for not having a pic of just the arms but you make them out of the top part (from above the heel to the opening) Then just as you did with the other pieces turn them inside out sew them to make arms, turn them the right way, stuff and sew to the body.

After that you sew around where you want the bottom of the head and  tighten together, this makes the head shape, tie a ribbon around the neck to hide your stiches. or just leave it if like my little girl the child recieving this will just tear it off anyway.

 Then this part is really  just depends on your style and what you want your bunny to look like, you can paint or draw on tits face. You can embroider it a face. I  sewed on buttons for the eyes and then just drew the mouth with fabric markers. THen on the one I made for my baby I just drew the whole face that way she could not tear off the buttons and swallow them.

Another cute addition is to sew on a pom pom to the back to make a bushy tail.

and now I am going to show some of my differnt versions

This one is made by just making the ears out of my first sock (it just makes the body and head smaller) I sewed across to make the ears floppy.

Made the same way as before.

and here the pink striped in the front is the one my baby girl recieved for easter. (pictured with all my other sock creations)


  1. Such a cute and cuddly little bunny with his floppy ears!!! I bet the kids LOVE them!!! This is a great way to reuse old socks and make them into a soft toy that will be played with for a long time. Your sock toys are awesome, Marty! I'd love for you to link these up to our Softies Party...

    1. All the kids i've given one to just adore them and I would love to link up to your softies party, i am still new to blogging so you would need to tell me how.