Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 3 The tupperware cabinet

Okay so I have gotten behind on my challenges, okay well posting about them anyway, okay and doing them some too. I have been trying however and even small accomplishments is still worth counting for something. Anyway I do have a good reason for getting behind in my work. Our dog got out on her own close to nap time, so I couldn't run straight out and go after her since I was dealing with two grumpy girls, anyway after getting one down and close too getting the other one, my neighbor came over and informed me that my dog got hit by a car. SO we rushed her to the vet and she had to stay a few days. She is doing better now though thankfully. Except with one of her legs still not working. Anyway to the challenge

*insert dramatic music here* the Tupperware cabinet, we all know how messy this can get, in between the lost lids finding the one you need so on and so forth anyway it has a good way of getting out of order in no time flat. Mine however was not too bad considering I did this a few weeks ago, tossing the old ones

This is my before
Like I said not very bad (in my opinion anyway) but still never hurts to re visit and see what I could do with it, right? 

Here is my after
Basically I just put them all on one shelf put the lids to the small containers in a Ziploc baggie to keep them contained. They usually just fell out on me half the time.
Then on the bottom shelf is my big bunch of dishtowels and washcloths. and my cake pop maker that I have yet to find a place for.

Hope you like it
Thanks for visiting and I hope you come back. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 2 the (top of the computer desk)

Okay if you have read my last post you know that I am doing the 21 day organization challenge over at a bowl full of lemons and this is day 2. (better late than never, right?)   Posting about this on my blog has really helped keep me motivated to do it. I hope that this will help motivate someone else because there is nothing better than an organized home. Sorry I'm starting to just go on and on, I will get to the point. My desk was not too bad because I had just changed desks a few months ago plus my desk is in the middle of the living room so that helps me keep it clean, but it was getting sort of cluttered.

Here is the starting product, not to bad but could use some work
All cleaned off :) so pretty

My little one excited that the computer is within arms reach (not advised for you to do this, but I had no where else to sit it)
and after about 15 minutes..

Organization makes me so happy
Here is the link to day 2 challenge, this is now one of my favorite blogs.
As always thank you for stopping by my little spot on the web  and I hope you enjoyed.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Junk Drawer Challenge

Okay, so last night while I was on pinterest (yes I think I am addicted) I found this blog a bowl full of lemons and  I have been browsing this site ever since. Me finding this is perfect because I am determined to get this out organized and clean, and keep it that way, which is the real challenge for me. This blog has TONS of ideas about cleaning, organizing, even emergency preparation which is extremely important I think.  I think now this is my favorite new site especially since she has different challenges, tips, etc on there. You have to see it for yourself. Here is the link www.abowlfulloflemons.net and I found on there a 21 day challenge and I thought that was a perfect way for me to begin because it's one project a day that way you don't feel overwhelmed, and something I can get done during nap time. because otherwise it is never going to get done. Okay well today I finished her day one challenge, the junk drawer and mine was in desperate need of some TLC. You'll see in a minute and I am ashamed to show you this because it is VERY BAD. I think mine has to be the worst ever and I am not sure how it got that way. But I am now the proud owner of a neat and organized junk drawer. Okay so here is my process.

This is starting out as you can see it lives up the title junk drawer, the place that everything that didn't have a proper place ended up being.
Containers I had bought last year during a big clearance at my local DG,
These all came in sets of two and on sale for $0.10 yup 10 cents I was so excited I mean who can't use containers especially at that price. They have been wandering around the house looking for a place and TA-DA they have found their spot, well some of them anyway.

Cleaned up an old silverware organizer that was just laying around, waiting to be used.

Put in new contact paper to make it look a little nicer.

and the big finish..

Everything has a place, I have an extension cord up in the corner and in the containers I have
1: headphones (I like to listen to my music while i'm cleaning)
2: extra bottle nipples and rings ( a must have now that my little bundle of joy has teeth)
3: Command strips, hooks
In the green container is my doggie bags and dispenser
then my speaker for the mp3 player
and my 2 year olds absolute favorite thing chap stick, she is obsessed with this and it makes good rewards.
I am so happy with my new drawer it looks completely different. If you would like to do the challenge too here is the link.
I am going to try to get through this, maybe not every day but maybe every other day or so because me being able to complete things like this depends on my babies naptime. Also I am going through a lot here at the house trying to get my spring cleaning done. Wish me luck.
Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Rag Doll

Ok it has been way too long since I have posted anything. I have seriously got to just setting a day/time for this and sticking to it, but then again scheduling anything around our house seems impossible these days. My 15 month old requires constant attention and number 2 just a month and a half away, goodness it does not seem like I should be that close to delivery yet, there are still so many things to get done before she gets here. Ok getting back on topic my niece loves dolls of all kinds, like most little girls and I was the same way and her latest fascination is the Lalaloopsy dolls, I am sure that most of you have heard of these. Well she is determined to have the whole collection and told pretty much everyone in the family to get her a different 'loopsy' doll,well surprisingly she asked me to make her one, which I loved because to me what they are charging for those dolls are insane, some of them were almost 40 dollars. Seriously these are like 13" plastic dolls that don't really do anything, you can't even style the plastic hair on their ridiculous large heads. I had never really seen one of these dolls, my little girl is still too young to be caught up in the latest toy craze. (yay!!) So I did a lot of Internet searching and looking and saw where different people had made a rag doll version of these. Perfect, but being that I wanted the doll to be a close to the 'real' thing as possible so that all the outfits and accessories can be used with my version and her other dolls I started looking for patterns, and ta-da at this wonderful Etsy store http://www.etsy.com/shop/QuirkyArtistLoft
I found exactly what I was looking for. A great doll pattern and some clothes patterns to go along with with it (sold separately of course). I was amazed it took me only a weekend to finish the doll and a few outfits to go along with it. I still wasn't sure that it would be up to my niece's standards but I went with it anyway, because it looked pretty good to me especially for a beginner. I have made other rag dolls but none that I was as satisfied with as this one.

This one is before I got any clothes made.

The back of her head of course. I was so excited that I found an easier way to do the hair.

 This is her with her doll, I know she doesn't look that excited in the picture.

I cannot wait to make more of these with a little customization of course.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Sock Bunny

My newest obsession is with making stuffed toys, especially making them out of old socks that we don't need, or are mismatched. I really like that you cannot go wrong with these, becuse even if they don't come out just like you planned they still look good, and kids love them anyway. I started with sock monkeys (of course) then in the spirit of easter I wanted to make a bunny for my baby girls basket. I meant to have this posted before easter just in case anybody else wanted to make them as gifts. These make awesome gifts, you can make them out of stuff you already have around the hous, mostly by eleminating those pesky lone socks that never find their mate, or you can go pick up some cheap socks. I have experemented with serval different ways of making these and finally found one that I really love, even though i did like the other ones too. Let's face it i'm obsessed with stuffed animals so these are perfect for me, and each one comes out unique so their are no too exactly alike.

Okay so getting on with this. I started by turning one of my socks inside out and cutting up the center from the opening to right before you get to the heel

Then I stiched up the legs leaving an opening right atthe crotch to stuff it. Then I turned the sock back the right way, stuffed it and sewed up the remainder of the opening.

THen with that part done I cut my other sock from above the heel the cut that in half as shown below. After that turn these pieces inside out stich them closed turn back the right way and then sew them to the top of the already stuffed sock.

Like so...

Ok so I apolige for not having a pic of just the arms but you make them out of the top part (from above the heel to the opening) Then just as you did with the other pieces turn them inside out sew them to make arms, turn them the right way, stuff and sew to the body.

After that you sew around where you want the bottom of the head and  tighten together, this makes the head shape, tie a ribbon around the neck to hide your stiches. or just leave it if like my little girl the child recieving this will just tear it off anyway.

 Then this part is really  just depends on your style and what you want your bunny to look like, you can paint or draw on tits face. You can embroider it a face. I  sewed on buttons for the eyes and then just drew the mouth with fabric markers. THen on the one I made for my baby I just drew the whole face that way she could not tear off the buttons and swallow them.

Another cute addition is to sew on a pom pom to the back to make a bushy tail.

and now I am going to show some of my differnt versions

This one is made by just making the ears out of my first sock (it just makes the body and head smaller) I sewed across to make the ears floppy.

Made the same way as before.

and here the pink striped in the front is the one my baby girl recieved for easter. (pictured with all my other sock creations)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Square Shirt

I found this tutorial for an adorable square top on http://www.lilblueboo.com/2011/06/the-square-top-a-tutorial.html. I love making clothes for my baby girl especially since buying new ones all the time can get expensive. This is a great, simple pattern to follow that doesn't take very long to make, perfect for beginners. again the result is just too cute.


My baby girl showing off her top